Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find the answer to your question on this page, please contact us!

I want to order something, but its showing up as out of stock on your website. Will it come back in stock?

Usually yes! The items that are being discontinued will generally be marked as such on the product listing. For listings that are being discontinued we do not plan on either carrying that base product (the actual garment) or the design in the future. If you do have any questions about an out of stock item, like when we can expect the item back in stock, please contact us!

Are the items sold by Lincoln Grace Designs handmade?

Yes and No? We purchase our base garments that we then apply our designs to each garment at our studio located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. All of our designs are designed by in-house by our team.

Does Lincoln Grace do custom work?

Sometimes! If our schedule permits, we are happy to look at doing custom work for you! You can send us an email to to inquire if we can take on your design at any given time. Designs that are more simplistic in nature and do not require multicolor or elaborate graphics are more likely to be accepted. Please note that we do not stock colored garments and it is unlikely we would bring them in for a custom order.

Are prices at markets the same as pricing on your website?

Generally yes. It may be possible that something goes on sale early at a market before it does on the website, but pricing using catches up on the site shortly after. The only time pricing will vary is if we a running special promo pricing at a market. If we do have a promo exclusive to a market we almost always announce it on our instagram account, so our customers can be made aware!

Can I return or exchange something I purchased from Lincoln Grace Designs?

Because we don’t have a storefront returns can be a bit tricky, however we are happy to arrange a return or exchange if:

  • The customer can deliver the item back to us, either via mail (customer’s expense) or drop off at our studio, and

  • The item is in new condition. It has not been worn or washed and all original tags are still attached and,

  • The item was originally purchased no more than 30 days before the refund or exchange is requested.

If requesting a refund, the amount due to the customer will be returned via the same method of payment that was used for the original purchase, no physical card needs to be presented. Returns and exchanges cannot be processed more than 30 days after the date of the original purchase.

If an item is defective please contact us!

Something I purchased appears to have a weird faded box around the design. Is it defective?

No! Not defective. All our designs are applied with a manual commercial grade heat press machine. This machine exerts both a ton of pressure and heat. Naturally all materials will have a certain amount of moisture present in them at any given time. The moisture in the material being pressed along with the extreme pressure and heat of the heat press machine can sometimes cause a faded looking box around the area where the design has been applied. This is temporary. It will go away, we promise! If after the first washing you notice any sort of box framing the design on your item or any strange fading, please contact us!

How are your designs placed on your garments?

To apply our designs to our shirts, we used a high grade commercial vinyl and a heat press machine. We believe that this is the best way to make sure you get a quality and long lasting garment. Other methods and products used to adhere designs to apparel may not last as long! The vinyl we use is the highest quality available. It does not wrinkle, crack or peel, it’s likely the vinyl will outlast the actual garment itself - its that good!